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2021-22 Cycle 1 Awarded Innovative Grants

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Making the Makerspace An Equitable Experience for All

Tuckahoe Middle

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First Readers' Club

Arthur R. Ashe Jr. Elementary

Read to Succeed Book Vending Machine

Montrose Elementary

Unifying Students through Music with Ukeleles

Twin Hickory Elementary

Innovative Grant Priorities

HEF funds projects that:

  • Are innovative and creative
  • Have specific measurable outcomes
  • Will target needs of challenged students
  • Include unique ways of using technology and 21st century learning
  • Focus on increasing achievement and self-efficacy of all students

For 2021-22 priority is given to projects that address:

  • Achievement gaps particularly among subgroups
  • Social and emotional learning needs of students and teachers

Is my idea grant-worthy?

Some questions to consider:

  • What specific problem(s) will my grant project address?
  • What data do I have (or can obtain) that shows this is a problem?
  • What makes my project innovative?
  • How many students will be impacted?
  • As a result of the project, what outcomes do I hope to achieve?
  • What will be included in the project budget?

Application Requirements

Grant applicants must schedule a consult with Paula Roop, HEF Program Officer, prior to submitting an application. Paula will work with applicants to refine ideas and project plans. Email to schedule your grant consult. After the consult, grantees will receive a link to the grant portal.

Applicants must be full-time HCPS staff members. We do not accept applications from organizations outside of HCPS.

Applications should reflect school and district instructional goals.

Effective grants include a great idea, money to support it, a step-by-step implementation process and final outcomes—a proven formula for success!

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Awarded Grants

“HEF’s Innovative Grants Program has provided numerous opportunities for teachers to think beyond the status quo and imagine what could be.”

Beth Teigen, Chief of Staff - Henrico County Public Schools

Program Officer
HEF Innovative Grants and Educational Initiatives
(804) 652-3369
email Paula