Treat Train Helping Hands Program

Tuckahoe Middle

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The Tuckahoe Treat Train is a student-designed and led program that allows students with and without intellectual disabilities to manage and staff a teacher treat delivery service. Students themselves identified that teachers did not have access to snacks throughout the day, so students in the Helping Hands program teamed up to remedy that with a program that is also socially and emotionally beneficial to students.

The HEF innovative grant allowed students to bring their business idea to life: budgeting out the needed items, setting price lists and creating an ordering/receipting and delivery system. Teachers and students are excited to see the treat train rolling across campus! The Tuckahoe Treat Train has allowed students to serve as leaders and role models while also gaining life skills and setting an example of inclusion school wide!

2021-22 Cycle 1 Grant

Funding Amount: $1,586

Number impacted: 151

Grant recipient: Elizabeth Murray, teacher & Kimberly Ligatti, teacher

"It has been so rewarding to see our students thrive!”

Elizabeth Murray, teacher