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We're in the office and hard at work supporting Henrico County Public Schools. Our office hours are 8:30 am - 5 pm.
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HEF offices will be closed to observe the following holidays:

December 24 - 27 Christmas  |  December 30-31 - New Years

Award-winning educator Paula Roop, who works alongside the staff of Henrico County Public Schools to develop and support the many innovative, educational strategies and initiatives that deliver our mission, leads HEF’s Innovative Grants and Educational Initiatives. Learn more about HEF’s Innovative Grants.

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Program Officer
HEF Innovative Grants and Educational Initiatives
(804) 652-3369
email Paula

With a focus on philanthropy, donor relations, and communications this team is responsible for raising the critical funds that create life-changing learning opportunities for our community’s children. You can find our team members working on grant opportunities, planning HEF events, meeting with donors and key stakeholders, and engaging with our followers and supporters on social media.

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Chief Development Officer
(804) 652-3870
email Jay
Development Coordinator
(804) 652-3877
email Michael
Communications Specialist

Learning & Discovery After School Enrichment
With a focus on program delivery and afterschool enrichment, our L&D staff provide wrap-around services for Henrico students focusing on academic achievement, health and social services, youth and community development. Learn more about our Learning & Discovery program.

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Chief Operations Officer
(804) 652-3732
email Scott
Program Officer
Learning & Discovery
(804) 652-3864
email Daniel
Administrative Coordinator
Learning & Discovery
(804) 652-3863
email Cindy
Program Coordinator
Learning & Discovery
(804) 652-3863
email Emily

Community Learning Centers
CLC is more than just afterschool enrichment opportunities, it is a new strategy of community engagement. With an integrated focus on academics, health and social services, youth and community development, the Henrico CLC aims to improve student learning and build stronger families and healthier communities. Our CLC staff build relationships in the communities we serve along with implementing and evaluating program goals. Find out more about our Community Learning Centers.

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Program Coordinator
21st Century Community Learning Centers
(804) 652-3867
email Chris

Under the leadership of the Executive Director-Early Learning, our Early Learning staff works with public and private partners to increase access and programmatic quality to Early Learning and Pre-K programs for Henrico families. You can find out more about their work and the system they use to increase student access (known as “Mixed Delivery”) on the Early Learning website.

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Executive Director
Early Learning Programs
(804) 652-3871
email Robin
Early Learning Coordinator
(804) 652-3568
email Robin
Operations Assistant
(804) 652-3568
email Laverne

With a focus on organizational leadership and day-to-day operations, our Administration and Finance team includes the Office of the CEO and ensures that HEF’s strategy and finances remain strong to ensure the delivery of our mission.

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Chief Executive Officer
(804) 652-3869
email Mike
Finance Manager
(804) 652-3868
email Gene