What others say about us


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“We are so proud to partner with the Henrico Education Foundation and celebrate its 30th anniversary. They have been a major sponsor of HCPS’ Teacher of the Year awards, funded innovative projects proposed by our educators, provided scholarships for graduates and initiatives that help prepare children for kindergarten, and helped beyond the classroom by pioneering the thriving Community Learning Centers that serve as one-stop shops where students and families can connect with groups providing needed services. I can’t imagine where we’d be without HEF’s support over all these years, especially when you think of the impact on the tens of thousands of students who have gone through our system during that time.”

Dr. Amy Cashwell

Superintendent - Henrico County Public Schools

Henrico Education Foundation sees no barriers, just solutions on how to make learning innovative and fun! Thanks for being the game changers in the 804, and supporting teachers and students at Greenwood and all throughout Henrico County".

Ryan Stein

Principal - Greenwood Elementary School

"Thank you for the support of our team. We would not have been able to achieve victory without your help."

Henry Hurlburt

Sponsor - Godwin High School Talon 540 Robotics Team

"HEF has been a great thought-partner and resource to positively impact the lives of our scholars and school community. We appreciate HEF’s commitment to excellence, service and building a brighter future. Glen Lea Elementary School thanks HEF for its unwavering support to assist our families while making provision for their needs."

James Gordon

Principal - Glen Lea Elementary School

"HEF has made a huge difference for my students needing night school or summer school for a class or two for graduation or just to catch up with their grade level. I know my students would not have graduated high school if it wasn’t for this program. Thank you so much!"

Michael Otley

School Counselor - Highland Springs High School

"HEF's greatest contribution to Henrico schools includes serving as an incubator for new and cutting-edge programs (along with the funding to implement them) to enhance the educational experiences of Henrico County's students!"

Wade Anderson

HEF Board Member