What others say about us


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“For 25 remarkable years, no organization has done more for students and teachers in Henrico County than the Henrico Education Foundation. I couldn’t be prouder or more grateful for the positive relationships we’ve built and the breakthroughs we’ve made together. Please join me in supporting the next generation of innovation in Henrico County Public Schools!”

Dr. Amy Cashwell, Superintendent of Schools - Henrico County Public Schools

"We couldn't do the important work we do with our precious children without HEF. Your belief in the power of a leadership school culture has enabled us to impact students for five years! We are deeply grateful for the projects you support at Crestview and throughout the district."

Jennifer Drake, Principal - Crestview Elementary School—A Leader in Me School

"HEF has been innovative in so many ways to make education more meaningful in Henrico to a wide array of students and their families. Our eyes are on our students. That is what matters most to me in the work that we are doing."

Betsy Beamer, HEF Board Member

"I gained a lot of insight from writing and implementing this grant. It was really great to see how accessible HEF makes it for teachers to achieve their goals."

Jade Miller, HEF Grant Winner - Fairfield Middle School

"HEF has made a huge difference for my students needing night school or summer school for a class or two for graduation or just to catch up with their grade level. I know my students would not have graduated high school if it wasn’t for this program. Thank you so much!"

Michael Otley, School Counselor - Highland Springs High School

“HEF has played a significant role in creating an unforgettable learning experience at Greenwood ES. The grants we’ve received have lit a contagious flame of enthusiasm that is changing how all stakeholders view education in HCPS.”

Ryan Stein, Principal - Greenwood Elementary School

"HEF's greatest contribution to Henrico schools includes serving as an incubator for new and cutting-edge programs (along with the funding to implement them) to enhance the educational experiences of Henrico County's students!"

Wade Anderson, HEF Board Member

"The [garden] grant has had a positive impact on the school. It has invigorated teachers, encouraging them to get outside with their students and create new ways to implement curriculum."

Matthew Cross, HEF Grant Winner - Short Pump Middle School

"Our teachers and leaders appreciate the opportunity to learn and grow, and HEF plays an integral role in making learning opportunities a reality. Thank you for the work you do for the entire Henrico County learning community."

Tracie Weston, Asst. Director for Professional Development - Henrico County Public Schools

“Henrico Education Foundation provides resources and opportunities to Henrico schools and communities, bridging the gap where limitations may exist.”

Travis Pearson, HEF Board Member

"I love being part of an organization that provides creative and innovative opportunities to students and teachers in Henrico to maximize their success and enhance their education."

Joe Mengedoth, HEF Board Member

"Thank you for all that you do for our school! We have two very strong community partners, thanks to your work! We are so lucky to have your organization supporting us!"

Erica Broudy, Principal - Trevvett Elementary School

"I am sincerely grateful to HEF for supporting our school. I can't wait to share and implement this project!"

Karen Stein, Librarian - Ratcliffe Elementary School

"Thank you for the support of our team. We would not have been able to achieve victory without your help."

Henry Hurlburt, Sponsor - Godwin HIgh School Talon 540 Robotics Team