Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr


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The Henrico Education Foundation (HEF) is honoring the memory of Dr. William C. Bosher, Jr. through the establishment of the Bosher Memorial Endowment Fund. Dr. Bosher was a man of great integrity, an exceptional superintendent, and a lifelong advocate for public education. His visionary leadership was the foundation for many of Henrico County Public Schools’ present successes. HEF is embarking on an ambitious campaign to honor the memory of this exceptional public servant by raising $500,000 to establish the Bosher Memorial Endowment Fund. The endowment will create a lasting legacy of perpetual financial support for public education in our community, touching the lives of more than 48,000 students and teachers each year. The fund will ensure that future generations will have the chance to seize the opportunities and benefits of a quality education. The goal is to raise $5 million to fully endow the Bosher Memorial Endowment Fund. First, HEF will establish the fund through this initial campaign, “Growing Today—Thriving Tomorrow.” This initial phase will raise the first $500,000 while increasing community engagement in public education.

What is an endowment?

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An endowment is an investment fund established to enhance funding beyond general operating expenses. The purpose of the Bosher Memorial Endowment is to honor the memory of Dr. William C. Bosher for generations to come by creating a permanent fund to provide critical financial resources. The endowment will nurture student academic success, create innovation in the classroom, and strengthen the quality of Henrico County Public Schools.

To learn more about Dr. Bosher and the Endowment Fund Campaign, read the brochure.

How Will the Fund Be Used?

  • Fund advanced teacher training
  • Provide leadership development programs
  • Fund innovative classroom grants
  • Support academic programs and hands-on learning initiatives to prepare students for success for in college and career
  • Provide assistance to financially disadvantaged students, ensuring that every child has equal access to educational opportunities

What Types of Gifts Can I Make?

  • Cash or check
  • Stocks, mutual funds or bonds
  • IRAs, 401Ks or profit-sharing plans
  • Life insurance
  • Real estate
  • Charitable trusts or gift annuities
  • Bequests by will or trust