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The Henrico Education Foundation strengthens schools by advancing impactful initiatives that improve student outcomes.


All schools are strong.
All students are prepared.

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The Henrico Education Foundation (HEF) is an independent nonprofit organization in collaborative partnership with Henrico County Public Schools — the commonwealth’s sixth largest school division —supporting more than 48,000 students in 74 educational facilities. Since its formation in 1993, the foundation has provided almost $10 million in direct funding affecting more than 650,000 students, teachers, parents, and guardians across Henrico County. As a foundation, we do more than just provide additional funding for public education, we are innovators working in partnership with parents, teachers, and administrators, continually identifying and developing transformational initiatives that improve school performance and lead to student success.

The Henrico Education Foundation is leading the way in showing how education foundations can play meaningful roles in the development and implementation of high-quality programming for our community’s children. We fund creative instructional approaches with strong academic goals that directly address the opportunity gap and provide resources for teachers to support the most vulnerable students. The foundation’s unique role is vital to meeting the educational needs of our community’s children while providing partnership opportunities for businesses, community leaders and citizens to directly impact public schools. We are the largest education foundation in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and we support all schools in Henrico County, working to provide every student with the support and resources they need for success.

Our actions are based on our

Core Values

Students First

Improving student outcomes is at the core of everything we do. As a part of that, we will advance initiatives that support the whole child.


We will involve our school communities in identifying needs and creating solutions.

Continuous Improvement

We will use creativity and innovative thinking as we seek to improve our systems and processes.


We commit to evaluating the impact of our work and to seeking ways to increase the return on the investment the community makes in our schools.


We seek equity and accessibility for our students and our colleagues.