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The Henrico Education Foundation strengthens public education by advancing innovative programs and initiatives designed to improve student achievement.


All schools are strong.
All students are prepared.

Through a dynamic public-private partnership with Henrico County Public Schools — the commonwealth’s sixth largest school division — HEF serves more than 51,000 students in 72 educational facilities. Since its formation, the foundation has provided $7 million in direct funding affecting more than 560,000 students, teachers, parents and guardians across Henrico County. The Henrico Education Foundation funds creative instructional approaches with strong academic goals that directly address the opportunity gap and provides resources for teachers to support the most challenged schools. The foundation’s unique role is vital to meeting the educational needs of our community’s children while providing partnership opportunities for businesses, community leaders and citizens to directly impact public schools.

Over the past two decades, HEF has played a vital role in meeting the educational needs of our community’s children.  As a foundation, we do more than just provide additional funding for public education, we are innovators working in partnership with parents, teachers and administrators, continually identifying and developing initiatives that improve school performance and student achievement.  Our program and funding priorities focus on implementing research-based initiatives that enhance learning in the classroom, create best practices and complement The Henrico County Public Schools’ (HCPS) improvement plans.  We support all schools in Henrico County, working to provide every student the support and resources they need for success.

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Strategic Priorities

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Serving as a catalyst for innovation in Henrico County Public Schools

HEF is committed to the belief that best practices and innovation are essential to providing a world-class education. Your support will develop key instructional programs and project-based learning initiatives that give students the chance to explore real-world problems and challenges. HEF’s innovative grants and programs are currently the only district-wide resource educators may use to procure funding and support to pilot new projects. Our innovative initiatives for 2020-2021 include:

  • Innovative Program Grants
  • Community Learning Center Initiative (CLC)
  • Henrico Achievable Dream Initiative
  • Henrico21

Preparing K–12 students for success in college, career and community

HEF strives to ensure every student in our county succeeds in learning and life. Your support will provide funding for programming and initiatives that strengthen student achievement, create youth leadership opportunities, provide workforce development programs and resources to ensure every child, no matter their financial ability, has access to extracurricular learning opportunities. Listed below are college, career and community initiatives for 2020-2021:

  • Equal Opportunity for All Initiative
  • Learning & Discovery Afterschool Enrichment Program
  • Need-based grants & workforce development grants
  • Literacy Initiative
  • Support for Pre-K and Henrico Early Learning Initiative
  • Student scholarships
  • COVID-19 Response Initiative

Strengthening educational leadership

The Foundation provides resources for professional development, leadership training, and learning opportunities for students, teachers, school administrators and parents. Leadership is key to student achievement and developing quality educational programs. By supporting this programming, you are helping to develop tomorrow’s leaders, create best practices, and recognize outstanding teaching in classrooms across the district. Our program priorities for 2020-2021 include professional development and learning opportunities for teachers, principals through the following:

  • District Leadership Academy
  • Teacher training programs and professional learning initiatives
  • Partnerships with local business leaders
  • STEM/STEAM/21st Century Learning Initiatives
  • Developing community conversations about public education