Read to Succeed Book Vending Machine

Montrose Elementary

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Montrose Elementary School’s Book Vending Machine will be used to reward students for following school rules, and will help instill a love of reading and a love of books. This vending machine will be a resource to encourage literacy in students and their families by helping build home libraries. Thank you HEF!

“I am so excited to have a book vending machine at our school.  Our students are just as excited about choosing books as if they were picking out candy or chips. Students who are not usually overly excited about books can’t wait to get one from our machine.” 

Janet Driver, Librarian

2021-22 Cycle 1 Grant

Funding Amount: $6,440

Number impacted: 415

Grant recipient: Janet Driver, librarian

"The books are in our vending machine! I see several books that I want to choose.”

Taylor, 4th grade student