Social Emotional Wellness Vending Machines

Colonial Trail Elementary

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The grant provided funds to purchase two vending machines to bolster the social and emotional wellness of both the students and the staff.

Student Social Emotional Support Machine:
The purpose of Cub Coins and The Kind Cub Hub is to reinforce kindness and spark joy. Earning a coin is extremely special. Cub Coins are given to students, by students, who are shown displaying acts of kindness and sparking joy in those around them. Students may ask for a coin from any staff member. The student should explain how their peer showed kindness or sparked joy, and then the staff member will determine if the situation is appropriate for a Cub Coin.

“As a mom of 2 CTES Cubs, I have been really proud to hear when my kids have received coins and I love to see how proud they are of themselves, too!” - CTES Parent

“I want to give ___ a Cub Coin because they are always so patient and helpful. I never have to ask for help, but he always offers it when he sees that I’m having a hard time.” - 5th grade student

Staff/Guardian Social Emotional Support Machine:
CTES teachers, staff, students, and families understand the importance of social-emotional well-being. Everyone is working hard and sometimes it feels overwhelming. What better way to lift each other up than by recognizing and noticing each other? Who deserves a pick-me-up, an atta-girl or atta-boy, a pat on the back, or just a thank you for being you? Cub Coins are given to staff/guardians, by staff, as a way of recognizing and uplifting each other. The Cub Coins can be used to choose items from the Positive Vibes vending machine to spark a little joy.

“This is exactly what I needed today! E6 for the win!” -Teacher speaking about the vending item she chose

“The Cub Coins and JOY vending machines have really encouraged students to look for and act out genuine deeds of kindness that we certainly hope will reach far beyond with walls of CTES!” - School Counselor

Funding Amount: $7,102

Number impacted: 806

Grant recipients: Kevin Schatz-Principal & Danielle Sims-Assoc. Principal

“The HEF grant process was set up in a very digestible way. Its structure promotes thinking with the end in mind. I would encourage every school to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to bring innovative ideas to their school.

Kevin Schatz, Principal