What's Cooking?

Colonial Trail Elementary

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A traveling classroom kitchen provides authentic learning experiences to improve K-5 math, science, and reading competencies and increase cultural awareness as students make foods from different countries.

Just before the end of the school year, kindergarten students made foods representing various countries: India, Asia, Europe, Russia, and Brazil. Slow cooker recipes allowed them to study the states of matter: solids, liquid, and gas. They learned about steam when heat was added to water and it changed its state from liquid to gas. They saw condensation on the cabinet bottom and learned that is how clouds/precipitation happens.

They made playdoh to spell their Heart Words and learned to turn short vowel words into long vowels by adding the magic e.

The yeast bowl was a living/non-living  science lesson where students could see the yeast living and bubbling and they made slime for S day!

2022-23 Cycle 1 Grant

Funding Amount: $2,266

Number impacted: 715

Grant recipient: Lee Owen - teacher, Michael Price - innovative learning coach