Journalism Journey

Elko Middle

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This grant is designed to support our entire school. The students in Journalism class are participating in authentic learning experiences that put power in their hands through project-based learning. Our students are generating daily student-led live video announcements, and sharing special weekly news stories, and periodic newspapers. All of these are designed to build a positive climate for the broader school community.

Students have been hard at work developing stories, interviewing people, collecting footage at school events and editing their work. They have also been writing news stories to accompany their video productions. The Elko Newspaper, our digital blog, has been established and students have begun uploading stories and video content. The Live Morning Announcements at Elko is a joint effort between the Journalism class and the teacher’s daily Advisory class.

Students visited the Center for Communications and Media Relations at Varina High School which has led to an increase in student applications for the Specialty Center.

Funding Amount: $16,787

Number impacted: 952

Grant recipients: Ann Nash-Innovative Learning Coach, Hannah Shambley-Teacher & Sekani Grant-Teacher

"Students have really taken a lead in telling stories they are interested and passionate about. The best part of this experience has been the interest by the students and administration to continue offering the class in the future."
Ann Nash, Innovative Learning Coach