A New View in an old Classroom through the lens of Virtual Reality

Adams Elementary

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This grant project uses virtual reality (VR) tools to transform the learning space, allowing for an innovative “hands on” approach to places and experiences typically out of students' reach. Virtual reality provides activities and experiences from around the world, all from the comfort of student’s desks! Teachers and students will have the ability to travel to faraway lands, dive to the bottom of the ocean, jump into a plant cell, ride a raindrop from a cloud to the ocean, visit modern (and classic) career paths, and so much more! They will also have a 360-degree view of handheld items with this modern technology and the virtual reality cube, which allows students to hold and view any item the teacher dictates to their goggles. With these goggles, the goal is to enhance student engagement and ignite a love of learning and innovative tools. This grant will give every student the opportunity to use and become familiar with the VR experience, which is a wonderful 21st century skill.

2021-22 Cycle 2 Grant

Funding Amount: $12,343

Number impacted: 623

Grant recipient: Jesse Grant, innovative learning coach

"During the grant writing process, I learned that there are organizations out there that want to help our students succeed, and in partnership with our Henrico Community we can push towards outstanding things!”

Jesse Grant, innovative learning coach