Cultivating Leaders, Life Readiness and Love in our Community Garden

Pinchbeck Elementary

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Having a campus school, this was a natural way to extend our classrooms and create a community patio and garden area. The patio has been constructed and library classes and interventionists love to sit and read with buddies on the comfy garden benches just outside the library’s front door. The patio space houses the Book Nook where students and community members can access books at any time. Students in 3rd-5th grade enjoy independent reading on the patio in cooler weather because their classes occur as the day has warmed up and the dew has evaporated.

Garden boxes are constructed and filled with dirt, ready for spring planting. We look forward to collaborating with faculty, students and our community as we plant our garden boxes to grow food that can be used by our families. Parents who might have hesitated to participate due to language barriers might feel more comfortable doing an activity in which they have experience. Many school families maintain a small garden at home and can share their knowledge and experience with the school community. Our school plans to develop lessons to tie reading, math, and science activities to growing plants in our garden boxes.

The garden and patio will be a central location for our entire community to enjoy.

Funding Amount: $2,785

Number impacted: 1,347

Grant recipients: Shannon Donovan-ELL & Melissa Glanden-Librarian

"The grant process was eye opening and reflective. It provided an avenue to expand our learning beyond the classroom and provide real life experiences to our students.

We would apply again because it provides a wonderful opportunity to gain funding to benefit our students, school, and community that we do not have access to through other channels."

Shannon Donovan ELL & Melissa Glanden Librarian, Pinchbeck Elementary - HEF Grant Recipients