First Readers' Club

Arthur R. Ashe Jr. Elementary

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Student members of the First Readers' Club interviewed younger students to find out what kinds of books they're most interested in reading. With interest information from students at the school and collaboration with a local book store, the library at Arthur Ashe is adding a diverse selection of new books to the shelves. This fosters leadership and choice among students and increases reading interest and motivation.

The First Readers’ Club met with Jill from BBGB Books. She brought books she thought students might enjoy based on interest interviews done by the First Readers' Club members. She shared information about the books and student members voted on their favorites. The books were ordered for the school library, based on a predetermined budget. Members of the First Readers' Club are excited to the the "first readers" of these new books. They recently met with an HCPS Innovative Learning Coach to learn how to make Digital Book Commercials about the new books purchased to share with their peers.

In April 2022, the school hosted the first in-person event with a Family Reading Night. There were more than 250 participants who came to enjoy pizza, activities and family reading time. This gave them the opportunity to check out the new books!

In the second year of this grant, even more students joined the First Readers' Club and Jill from BBGB Books brought another big batch of books for the club members to choose from to add to the school library. They chose 69 new books and club members get to be the first to read these books and create book commercials to share with their classmates. They will also be able to share some of the new picture books by reading to the younger students in their school.

2021-22 Cycle 1 Grant

Funding Amount: $2,000

Number impacted: 992

Grant recipient: Amy Young, Librarian

“It was interesting to get to know what other kids like. It was actually pretty fun interviewing people I know.”
Varjon Lewis, student - First Reader's Club

“It was interesting to know most of the little kids liked Mario Cart and Minecraft, just like me.”
Jeremiah Thompson, student - First Reader's Club