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One project was awarded in Cycle 1 by Henrico Education Foundation (HEF) to provide funding for the Future Learning Spaces pilot. Four classrooms—pre-K (New Bridge Learning Center), elementary (Trevvett), middle (Quioccasin) and high school (Varina)—model instruction that simultaneously engages students face to face, virtual and hybrid. The grant impacts approximately 250 students and teachers. The pilot provides rigorous professional training including:

Camp Promethean: A wide range of courses designed to help instructors best utilize Promethean tools in relevant, cutting-edge ways

Vivi 101: The Vivi wireless presentation solution combines classroom management tools with real-time feedback and lesson delivery to create  student-centered learning environments that drive productivity.

Student-Ownership Workshop: Bringing together the educational leaders of each aspect of the Future Learning Spaces grant to workshop initial student owned learning experiences for each classroom. Teachers and ILCs will work with Promethean, Vivi and Henrico professional learning staff to create three lesson starters that promote student-centered learning utilizing the Future Learning Space technology and classroom layout.

Future Learning Space Rehearsal: Dress rehearsal of student-owned learning experiences with a reflective observational team, in preparation for first learning experiences. Teacher and ILCs test lesson starters from the Student-Ownership Workshop and receive feedback from observational team members prior to the start of the school year.

The May 2022 HEF board meeting highlighted the Future Learning Spaces innovative grant project. Project Leader Jon Gregori explained how the PreK, elementary, middle and high school classrooms were transformed into student-centered learning spaces. Quioccasin math teacher Adam Semo reviewed the impact on his middle school students. School board member Kristi Kinsella and HEF staffer Michael Wertz tried out Vivi technology which enabled participants to share their screens.

Funding Amount: $60,285

Number impacted: 250

Grant recipient: Jon Gregori, Innovative Learning Specialist

“This initiative gives us the opportunity to enhance the traditional preschool experience with innovative technology. We're looking forward to improving collaboration and communication skills while fostering relationships and social-emotional well-being.”

Allison DeLand, Teacher - New Bridge Learning Center

"Having a future ready classroom will ensure that students have more opportunities to access the Henrico learner profile characteristics. They will gain confidence​ and take ownership of their learning through student centered practices."

Emily L’Heureux, Teacher - Trevvett Elementary

"The power in our relationship with HEF comes through accelerating learning by doing. It has never been about solutions looking for a problem. It is about targeting a specific problem, identifying a change that can make a real difference, and working to determine whether the change made a significant impact on students. The work we do with HEF innovations grants are accelerated proof of concept projects that generate key insights into the future of Henrico Schools through promoting greater equity, academic effectiveness, and student engagement."

Jon Gregori, Innovation Specialist-Teaching, Learning, and Innovation - Henrico County Public Schools