Multilingual Learner Mavs United

Freeman High School

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Multilingual Learner Mavs United is a comprehensive support plan for Freeman High School’s multilingual population to engage students and families in the Freeman community and increase student retention, academic success, and sense of belonging.

ESL (English as a Second Language) students who enroll after the start of the school year participate in a two day orientation program called “ML 101” to learn about Freeman, practice English alphabet and vocabulary, set up their computers and more. The program is offered every week as new enrollments come in.

Every day in Freeman’s directed study period, ESL students and student mentors work together to review their classwork, work on homework, and practice English.

2023-24 Cycle 1 Grant

Funding Amount: $9,989

Number impacted: 610

Grant recipient: Carter Reilly - Coordinator of Assessment & Remediation, Sarah-Henning Snellings - Teacher