Cornerstone Farm: A Context for Authentic Learning

Fairfield Middle

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HEF’s support of Fairfield Middle School's Cornerstone Farm has included three grants over five years. Along with other partners, this has allowed the farm to include herbs, vegetables, greenhouses, an orchard, an urban gardening elective for students and year-round capacity for serving the Fairfield community on almost 6 acres of the Fairfield Middle School campus.

Sixth grade students and teachers teamed up to plan and implement this year's authentic, solutions-oriented, cross-curricular learning experiences on the Cornerstone Farm. From planting and harvesting, to marketing, donating and selling produce, students and teachers alike are excited to address the issue of food security and provide access to healthy food. The community has opportunities to visit the farm, participate in farm activities, and learn how to create a home garden.

More than 300 members of the Fairfield community came out in November to experience Fall Fest at Cornerstone Farm. They enjoyed student exhibitions, hands-on farm and garden activities, community and market vendors, workshops and games!

At a recent event in early June, Community Agriculturalist Natalie Green and Farm Steward Clover Dosier provided an overview of Fairfield Middle School’s Cornerstone Farm and guests from the Community Food Collaborative tried their hand at planting vegetables in raised beds.

There is so much community support for the Cornerstone Farm at Fairfield Middle School.


Funding Amount: $10,427

Number impacted: 464

Grant recipient: Nick Lapres, Instructional Learning Coach

"Loved the event!! It would be awesome to have a list of all of the folks who were involved so that we can stay connected!"

"The event was absolutely amazing! The kids, vendors, community and all were a beautiful sight to see!!"

Cornerstone Fall Fest Attendees