4 Houses/1 Ward: Building a Sense of Community

Ward Elementary

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This innovative grant will help Ward Elementary capitalize on the success of the first year (school year 2021-22) of their house system. Students formed new connections and engaged in friendly competitions, which were so beneficial after the isolating effects of the pandemic. The goal for the coming school year is to build even stronger relationships through the house system by hosting high-engagement events that directly connect families and students to the life of the school.

2021-22 Cycle 2 Grant

Funding Amount: $3,565

Number impacted: 1,185

Grant recipient: Ashley Nelson, innovative learning coach & Kim Clem, teacher

"The grant process helped us clarify our intentions for the house system, make a solid implementation plan, and review the data to see where we needed to grow. It was a lot of work, but the reward is huge.”

Kim Clem, teacher