Salvaging Sisterhood

Henrico High

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Salvaging Sisterhood is an initiative that will empower African American female students in grades 9-12 and their support systems in the areas of: effective communication, conflict resolution, coping skills, self-advocacy, self-awareness, and self-care. Receiving this grant is integral in allowing us to achieve this goal, as it will provide the funding and resources to offer the following: small group counseling sessions; books for bibliotherapy small groups; parent & community workshops; restorative yoga and mediation; field trips and professional development.

Writing the grant helped organize thoughts and ideas with the end result becoming a blueprint for the implementation of the program. Additionally, it provided an opportunity to create a proactive, solution focused program for Henrico High School students and their families.

2021-22 Cycle 2 Grant

Funding Amount: $5,660

Number impacted: 500

Grant recipient: Jasmine Bates, school counselor

"HEF is assisting me in giving life to this vision that I have for my students and our community. I am grateful to HEF and the amazing faculty and staff at Henrico High School that continue to support these efforts."

Jasmine Bates, school counselor