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Innovative Grant Priorities

HEF funds projects that:

  • Are innovative and creative
  • Have specific measurable outcomes
  • Will target needs of challenged students particularly in reading and math
  • Include unique ways of using technology and 21st century learning
  • Focus on increasing achievement and self-efficacy of all students
2020-21 Awarded Grants

Future Learning Spaces Pilot

HCPS Teaching, Learning & Innovation

Gators Snack on Books

Greenwood Elementary

Sustainable Greenspace for Environmental Study

Short Pump Middle

Outside Inclusion Garden

Gayton Elementary

Cultivating Leaders, Life Readiness & Love in our Community Garden

Pinchbeck Elementary

Journalism Journey

Elko Middle

Leading, Loving and Learning Through Literacy

Pinchbeck Elementary

Multisensory Mode Pilot

Mehfoud Elementary

Equitable Communication & Inclusion for the QMS Hispanic Community

Quioccasin Middle

Social Emotional Wellness Vending Machines

Colonial Trail Elementary

Cornerstone Farm:
A Context for Authentic Learning

Fairfield Middle

Tucker Soccer Learning Academy

Tucker High

Application Requirements

Grant applicants must schedule a consult with Paula Roop, HEF Program Officer, prior to submitting an application. Paula will work with applicants to refine ideas and project plans. Email to schedule your grant consult. After the consult, grantees will receive a link to the grant portal.

Applicants must be full-time HCPS staff members. We do not accept applications from organizations outside of HCPS.

Applications should reflect school and district instructional goals.

Completed applications are submitted electronically by the posted deadline.

"The power in our relationship with HEF comes through accelerating learning by doing. It has never been about solutions looking for a problem. It is about targeting a specific problem, identifying a change that can make a real difference, and working to determine whether the change made a significant impact on students. The work we do with HEF innovations grants are accelerated proof of concept projects that generate key insights into the future of Henrico Schools through promoting greater equity, academic effectiveness, and student engagement."

Jon Gregori, Innovation Specialist-Teaching, Learning, and Innovation - Henrico County Public Schools

Effective grants include a great idea, money to support it, a step-by-step implementation process and final outcomes—a proven formula for success!

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Awarded Grants

“HEF’s Innovative Grants Program has provided numerous opportunities for teachers to think beyond the status quo and imagine what could be.”

Beth Teigen, Chief of Staff - Henrico County Public Schools

Program Officer
HEF Innovative Grants and Educational Initiatives
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