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Skipwith Elementary

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This grant allows a newly formed STEAM committee to provide each classroom with STEAM bins including school-wide STEAM challenges to improve attendance and build LifeReady skills.

"This grant will help reenergize our students' learning and allow them to creatively explore by using open-ended materials. Over the past year, I have noticed that students have struggled with collaborating in small groups or partners, and I believe the STEAM bins and soft start materials will encourage an improvement in interpersonal interactions and teamwork!"
Marisa Maicke, Grade 5 Teacher

2021-22 Cycle 2 Grant

Funding Amount: $7,380

Number impacted: 500

Grant recipient: Lindsey Beckham, innovative learning coach & Lauryn Galloway, teacher

“I am truly excited about Mrs. Beckham’s STEAM bins for every classroom. Skipwith always puts children first and this project will develop LifeReady learners. I believe these materials and challenges are a fun and exciting ways for students to learn.”

Todd A. Smith, principal

“I really enjoyed the grant writing experience. It seemed daunting at first since this was my first grant writing experience, but I plan to do more! The data-gathering process was really enlightening, I learned so much about Skipwith while writing this grant. Thank you for making our project possible.”
Lindsey Beckham, innovative learning coach