Christopher Coplan

Chris Coplan

Christopher Coplan leads Data Governance for Altria’s Advanced Analytics group. Data is now the most significant asset many organizations possess, and Chris’ role is to protect, promote, and educate the organization about the value of that asset. He has been at Altria for six years; prior to that, he was at Capital One, the founder of the Audit Data Analytics function.

Chris and his wife of 20 years, Pam, have one daughter Jennifer who is a rising Junior in the Advance College Academy program at Tucker High School. He has always been an advocate for education in Henrico County, and generally a big fan of Henrico County Public Schools, as a proud member of the first graduating class of Mills E. Godwin High School! Chris loves what HEF does for the school system, and the innovation it can foster when you combine the creativity of a principal like Ryan Stein from Greenwood Elementary and the funding HEF brings to the table to create an awesome, exciting learning environment for the future citizens of Henrico County!